Swimmer Info

Please check the Updated Swimmer Packet

What: Groups of swimmers from Swim Across America, East bank Club and Lakeshore East (Magellan Development), will cover 40 miles from the west shore to the east shore of Lake Michigan (Chicago to Michigan).

Date: Friday, August 8

  • Primary weather/conditions backup date: Saturday, August 9
  • Alternate weather/conditions backup date: Friday, August 15

Check in time: 5:00am Friday August 8 at Chicago’s Burnham Harbor
Start time: 7:00 am August 8

Finish time:  Target time (conditions dependent) is somewhere between 15 and 19 hours total, or between 4pm and 8pm EDT

A post swim celebration will take place in New Buffalo after the swim. (We’ll motor 6 miles north from the landing site.) Appetizers and refreshments will be available for each swimmer and a guest.

An all swimmer meeting will take place on Monday August, 4 6:00 PM at a TBD location. Return transportation, departure location, safety, roster, pack list and on-board rules will be discussed at this meeting.


Swim Across America Event Director (Charlie Cunnick)

Swim Master – Charlie Cunnick / Mark Hauser

Boats/Nautical Logistics and agency notification –

Safety –

Medical –

Post-Event Party and Spectator support (2) –

On Board Aid (Food, Liquid, supplies)….(2) –

Treasurer –

Event Documentation and real time updates –