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The 2013 SALMon Video

The official SALMon 2013 video is here

You Tube
Vimeo (Better quality)

A Special Thanks to:
David Carlins – Magellan Development – And official Mike’s Girls team member
Ron Kaminski – HBK Engineering – And official Mike’s Girls team member
The Chicago Yachting Association


My Chicago Athlete Article

Read the My Chcicago Athlete Article by Kyle Thele:

Route Image

Here’s an image of the route based on the Satellite posts:

Herald Palladium Article

This article was posted this morning

SALMon swim tonight

SALMon is a go.

Some final reminders:
*Pack 1 bag (have some plastic bags ready inside)
*Eat a good meal early – let it settle
*Bring cap/tape/zip ties
*Swimmers arrive at 6:30 *Read roster
*Read the latest roster info

Boat Change

We had a late night boat change. Please review the new lists.

Revised SALM Info Packet

Swimmers and team members, please review the revised swimmer packets. Included are new: Boat Roster, Leg rotation schedule and Swimmer Lists.

Some reminders. Bring only 1 bag and make sure everything fits in it. Bring plastic bags for wet stuff and for organizing gear.

Remember to arrive on-time as we need to stick to the schedule.

Get lots of sleep on Thursday night.

Boat Update

The boat plan has changed significantly. The good news is that we’re good for confirmation of swimmer lists and boating schedules on Wednesday. The weather is looking great at this stage. The weather outlook is an 8 out 10. The water temperatures are also holding well at a good range. Now for the bad news: we had some boat drop outs and we had to cut some swimmers. We’re down to 18 swimmers so most legs will have only 2 swimmers. We’re waiting for confirmation on boat capacity on one boat but we should be on track to post the swimmer lists and boat lists early on Wednesday.

The leg schedules may be ready to post tomorrow, so stay tuned.

New Start Time

For several important reasons (Air and Water show boat traffic, forecasts for wind and boat schedules), we will be leaving earlier than the previous plan.

Arrive at the Chicago Yacht club at 6:30 PM, Friday August 16th
Final briefing: 6.45 PM
Loading: 7.10 PM
Depart CYC: 7.25 PM
Swim Start: 8.00 PM

The swim rosters and boat lists have been altered and these will be re-published here on Wednesday.

Obviously the biggest change is more night swimming. We’ll be adjusting the leg scheduling to ensure that we have only 1 night-time leg. This will also be published with the boat and swimmer lists.

The good news is that we have a good forecast and by leaving early we should have light winds for most of the swim.

We also have a larger center console Zodiak which will speed up the transitions.

Big Waves – Boats cannot go – New date

After an extensive captains meeting, the swim crossing has been postponed for 4 weeks. it was not safe for the round hulled boats to cross in large swells at slow speed and for them to go in neutral for the changeovers.

The new date is Friday August 16th (meet); swim on the 17th. Stay tuned. All the preparations are in place and we are still excited and to make the journey.