Swimmer Changeovers

The Swimmer Changeovers for the night time legs will now take place after the swimmers from the previous leg have been brought up to their Mother Ship. We’ll switch back to the original moving changeover system after dawn.


Captains’ Meeting and Weather Update

The Captains’ meeting went well. A special weather meeting is tomorrow at 2:30 PM and we’ll post details of any time/course changes here around 4 PM CDT as well as tweet them from http://www.twitter.com/SALMonRelay

Updated Swimmer Packet Info

The boat and swimmer lists have been updated

Please check the Updated Swimmer Packet

Satellite Tracking

We’ll have a device on board which will take our position and send updates via satellite. Our position will then be posted at regular intervals and plotted on a map. As we are in cell range we’ll post some comments as well.


The Alliance for the Great Lakes

The Alliance for the Great Lakes will be sending 2 water quality officers to take water samples on the swim. See their press release. A key goal of SALM is to raise awareness for water quality in the Great Lakes.

All Swimmer Meeting

In anticipation of the Swim Across Lake Michigan adventure, we have scheduled a mandatory All Swimmers meeting.  Together with any other questions that you might have, at this get together, we will talk about scheduling, safety, and logistics.  Please join us at:

 6:00pm – Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aqua (Magellan offices)

225 N Columbus, Suite 100

(Entrance is off the Upper Level of Columbus on the NE corner of the building)

 A parking pass will be provided at the conclusion of the meeting which will cover payment for those parking in the Aqua lot which is accessed at the same point.

Please let Mark Hauser know as soon as possible (mark@signmeup.com) if you will not be able to come to this meeting. We’ll need to schedule an alternate meeting location.  It really is very important that we all make it a priority to come to this meeting, especially given the many and varied challenges with the swim itself, as well as all the support needed to make this all come together.

 A notes document will be provided by email just before the meeting or at the meeting itself.

 Thanks for being a part of the swim

Boat Support has been confirmed

We have secured sufficient boat support for the swim and are a go. There are 3 lead/transport boats which are large sailing boats and one transition boat (which is a motor boat).

A Captains meeting with be held on Sunday July 7th followed by a coordinators meeting on July 9th.

A final ALL Swimmer meeting will be held 3-4 days before teh swim with the date and time to be announced.

Boat Secured

Through Michael Markman, a boat has been secured. Discussions are proceeding with other parties to obtain the necessary boat capacity.

Swim Across America has received great interest and has several people fundraising to meet the fundraising standards. The SAA event Chair David McClellan reports great excitement amongst the SAA community.

The coast guard has been contacted.

Swim Across Lake Michigan, Really?

Yes, this coming July, we’re swimming across Lake Michigan. Why? To have fun, of course. We’ll also raise awareness for water quality in the Great Lakes and help Swim Across America raise money for the Rush University Medical Center.

The purpose of this site, initially is to keep people informed about the plans. Later, others will be able to obtain pre-event information and event day reports.