Michael Schwartz is the designated Swim Master; he will allocate registrants to teams and legs and also track points.

Race Format

  • Relay match style
  • Two to Three Groups
  • Each Group has 8 legs
  • The first Leg will be 40 minutes
  • Each Leg thereafter will be 30 minutes
  • Each will start from their mother ship boat and drop in behind the lead swimmer of the previous leg
  • After each leg Swimmers will be picked up by the transition boat to change and then returned to their mother ship/li>

Race Rules

  • All swimmers in an upcoming leg will changeover behind the leading swimmer of the leading team (as in best ball for golf)
  • The swimmers must be behind the feet of the lead swimmer at the change time (as sounded by a horn)
  • Teams will gain points for winning a leg
  • No additional aid is allowed while swimmers are in the water